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Mendes Wood DM

de 9 de fevereiro a 20 de março de 2019


por Renato Silva


Camile Sproesser explores the power of colors, which has as its ally a very particular composition, brushstrokes that mark a trace and a volume of paint that attracts the viewer’s eyes. Characters, animals, words and various elements dialogue in the midst of a game of experimentation that sometimes borders on the playful gaze but in opposition to this opens up in a vein through which flows a force who cames mainly in the narrative of the feminine in variations on the confrontation of the political game and the pitfalls of present and the future. Sproesser establishes her pictorial space through a sometimes eccentric palette that reverberates in a set in flavorful narratives permeated by fluorescent colors and a unique world. What time is clearly assumed in a fraction is loaded with provocative possibilities that suggest the doubts about what you have and what you see.

GGF_6411_tiff - hr.jpg
MW.CSP.006 d0 - hr.jpg
MW.CSP.001 d0 - hr.jpg
GGF_6412_tiff - hr.jpg
MW.CSP.002 d0 - hr.jpg
GGF_6415_tiff - hr.jpg
MW.CSP.003 d0 - hr.jpg
MW.CSP.007 d0 - hr.jpg
GGF_6421_tiff - hr.jpg
MW.CSP.005 d0 - hr.jpg
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